How to Purchase a Firearm

How to Purchase a Firearm or Suppressor

The process of ordering a firearm is easy, and these are the simple steps:

1. Purchase the firearm you wish in our webstore and complete the checkout process.

2. After you finish checking out you need to find a local firearms dealer close to you that can receive the firearm and deliver it to you in compliance with all the rules and regulations. You can call or email us for a local list of FFL dealers in your area. Once you have found the dealer you wish to use, contact them and tell them you just purchased a firearm and want to have it shipped to them.

3. Next, your local dealer needs to send us (Gun Point) a copy of their Federal firearms license (FFL). You just need to tell your local dealer that they can either fax or email their license to us. This is a common required process and your local dealer will know how to proceed depending on your state laws.

Please provide them with our phone number, fax and email options for contact: 

Gun Point
4920 Lena Road
Sarasota, FL 34211

phone: 941-219-4236
fax: 941-219-4238 

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your dealer put your name and order number on the copy of the license they send to us. We must confirm the license we are receiving is for your order or we will not ship the firearm.

4. Once we receive your dealer's license we will ship the firearm direct to them. We will also send you an email when your firearm ships with a tracking number.

5. Your firearm will arrive at your dealers location available for pickup. Depending on the individual laws of the state you are in, the process for picking up your firearm will vary. Please inquire with your local FFL dealer for your state requirements.