Avoid a Gun Grab when SHTF with the Winkler Knives "WRT" Weapon Retention Tool

Posted by American Vintage Guns on 10th Feb 2016

Avoid a Gun Grab when SHTF with the Winkler Knives "WRT" Weapon Retention Tool

What happens when the bad guy unexpectedly goes for your rifle or sidearm??

What do you do?   You grad your WRT... That's what.

The Winkler Weapon Retention Tool is so badd ass that we had add it to our LWRC Pretorian Package. The Winkler WRT is a 5-ounce wedge of 0.125-inch-thick 1095 steel with 0.06-inch Kydex spacers and a 550 paracord handle wrap. The custom Praetorian WRT comes in Cerakote with matching Praetorian Logo engraved. This WRT gets the job done measuring 6.125 inches from spike to spike and 3.5 inches from the point to the back of the handle. The Winkler Knives Praetorian WRT is shipped with a Kydex sheath with steel belt clip.

The Custom Praetorian Weapon Retention Tool was designed for instant reaction. Designed to inflict pain in any type of pushing, pulling, twisting and jabbing action, hopefully enough to make the bad guy let go of your rifle. 

When worn by its clip on the operator’s weak side, where it is securely retained but can be deployed quickly for immediate action when the need arrises. The tool’s light weight, easy carry and versatile striking points make it a natural addition to any bug-out bag or load out. When on a mission and retaining one’s weapon in close quarters could be the difference between life and death, the WRT must be by your side.

The WRT locks in and out of the Kydex sheath with relative ease. Deploying it is far faster than securing it which can take practice. Care must be taken when guiding the spikes of the knife back into its sheath, but that’s because there is no part of this tool that is not sharp and pointed.