MVB Micro Pistol Kit (MPK)

Posted by American Vintage Guns on 6th Mar 2016

MVB Micro Pistol Kit (MPK)

If you own an AR pistol you most likely want to get the shortest length you can. After all it's a pistol. The AR15 industry has blown up with the new PDW stock for rifles and SBR's. One of the most popular manufacturers of a version of the PDW stock is MVB Industries. 

MVB has now taken the compact system in the PD stock and designed a compact buffer tube for the AR Pistol crowd with the MPK or Micro Pistol Kit. The MVB Micro Pistol Kit (MPK) comes in a complete package for your AR pistol.  Options of a standard H1, H2, H3 or 9mm buffer are available.  Like the MVB ARC stock, it gives you the opportunity to use any mil spec BCG you want. And much like the ARC stock you will be able to use the pivot to open the rifle for maintanance.

SIZE DOES MATTER..... and a super compact AR Pistol buffer is a perfect piece to make the perfect compact firearm. The MVB Micro Pistol Kit is the most compact pistol buffer kit on the market that you can buy and mount right on to your rifle out of the box. No additional parts are needed. 

Special Pre-Order Price ENDS 3/16/2016