OSS Suppressors - BadAss Suppressors made right and looking good

Posted by Gun Point on 31st Jan 2016

OSS Suppressors - BadAss Suppressors made right and looking good

OSS latest suppressor technology

Operator Suppressor Systems

A relative newcomer to the suppressor world of guns, OSS Operator Suppressor Systems takes a technologically different look at suppressor design. No Baffles, No Mono core. This is a complete revolution to the suppressor design offering "Over The Barrel" Models that shorten the overall length of your firearm. 

These is no wonder why H&K is rolling out their MR762A1 and MR556A1 rifle with the new suppressors by OSS, Operator Suppressor Systems. The Look Good, The Work Good, Operator Serviceable, and unlike any other suppressor its modular with multiple length options for DB levels and outer sleve options to get that look you want to match your rifle. 

It says multitudes for an industry leader like Heckler & Koch to partner with a relatively unknown company like OSS when developing new suppressed rifle platforms but it’s clear that Operator Suppressor Systems has something going for them with this new product and H&K is more than happy to promote it on their newest rifle line.

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The Founder and President of OSS Suppressor Systems, Russ Oliver talks about the history of baffle suppression and silencers, The revolutionary OSS Operator Suppressor Systems Flow-Through Technology, Take a look at the revolutionary OSS suppression system.