POF USA 5.56 Renegade DI Rifle

Posted by American Vintage Guns on 2nd Feb 2016

POF USA 5.56 Renegade DI Rifle

Patriot Ordnance Factory has released the Renegade and Renegade+ it's new series of AR-based rifles with a lower cost Direct Impingement system. Frank DeSoma, the owner and mastermind behind POF made a few changes and improvements that make for a much lighter and more maneuverable rifle. The Renegade is a high end DI rifle that uses POF’s Dictator adjustable direct impingement gas system in place of their original short-stroke gas piston system.

The Renegade rifle changes include a new barrel profile and thinner M-Lok modular handguard. POF gives the DI system reliability with the Dictator tuneable 9-position direct impingement gas system. The Renegade has a factory 1 MOA accuracy guarantee.

They say "The Renegade is how POF does basic".  However the features in the Renegade blow away the low entry basic rifle. In fact, the only parts on the POF-USA Renegade rifle that can be considered basic are the forged lower receiver and flat-top upper receiver. The Renegade+ comes with even more upgrades including a P415 Enhanced Ambi Billet Lower Receiver, Ambi QD End Plate, POF-USA 3 Port Muzzle Brake, Tomahawk Ambi Charging Handle, and the new Flat POF-USA Drop In trigger system.

The newly designed POF Renegade heat sink barrel nut dissipates heat quicker than any AR15 system on the market. The patented POF-USA E2 technology chamber brings a new definition to extraction reliability. 

The new slim POF 15” Renegade rail with M-LOK compatibility and 4 integrated QD slots provides for a great grip hold, multiple points for hand placement, and accessory mounting options. As usual all POF-USA rifles come with a 16.5” nitride heat treated barrel.

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