Gun Point Custom Services:

Cerakote Gun Coating Services

Gun Point / American Vintage Provides Cerakote firearms coating Service. Cerakote Coatings outperform all other coatings on the market in virtually every critical metric and have been tested to the extreme by multiple firearms manufacturers, independent labs and branches of the U.S. Military. Cerakote firearms coating are Mil-Spec for currently issued weapons and equipment. Send us your Firearm to finish in your choice of Custom Colors. We Use Cerakote ™ Standards for Disassembly and Coatings.

Custom Engraving Services

Gun Point / American Vintage Provides Firearm Engraving service for all typs of projects. Good for Metals, Plastics and Wood. Excelent for custom projects and personal touches.


Gun Point / American Vintage Provides Gunsmith services. Our in-house Professional Specialists are made available for most firearms service requests in our Gun Point Custom Service Shop. We are always ready to oblige and fill in your request for most repairs or adjustments. We are dealer certified armorers. Our Custom Service Shop offers fabrications, upgrades, regular/service cleaning & maintenance, parts replacement or re-finishing of your firearm.

Firing Range

Gun Point / American Vintage has a Firing Range called AREA 51 at the Manatee Gun & Archery Club at 1805 Logue Road, Myakka City, Manatee County, Florida  34251. The Manatee Gun & Archery club is open to the public. The Club offers the only 1,000 yard range, in Florida. The facility offers expert and novice shooters a safe and friendly environment. (Available for police training, run and gun, three gun and machine gun shoots).